A descriptive introduction and an overview of the technologies now serving telecommunications and leading the way to the information superhighway and virtual reality.

The markets for lasers, fiber optics, and electro-optic systems are consistently expanding; they encompass industry, telecommunications, and defense. With the rapid proliferation of these technologies, Managers, Engineers and Designers from all technical disciplines need to become familiar with the concepts applications and limitations of Electro-Optics and Fiber-Optics. This course presents the fundamental principles, evolution, and practical uses of Electro-Optics (E/O), fiber optics and lasers. Components, devices, configurations and systems are discussed as they apply to instrumentation, measurement, display, machinery, communications, and consumer products. Using lectures, group discussions, and sample problem solving, the course emphasizes general understanding and applications; participants do not acquire design capability. Although basic optics and electrical engineering concepts are reviewed, the course is designed primarily for participants with some general technical proficiency.

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This descriptive course presents an introduction and an overview of Electro-Optics and Fiber-Optics to individuals with a general technical background who need functional understanding of this discipline. It is ideally suited for management, system analysts, engineers and technicians who work in other technical areas of systems that include Electro-Optics and/or Fiber-Optics. There is no prerequisite for this course.

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Text: Fundamentals of Optics, 4th ed. by Francis A. Jenkins & Harvey E. White.

About the Instructor

Mark S. Branham is the Director of Research and Development for the Educational and Analytical Division of the Leica Corporation. Previously, Mr. Branham was the Staff Physicist for the Quartz Products Division of Motorola, specializing in quartz material science and its use in telecommunications devices. His experience also includes the position of Chief Scientist and co-founder of Quantum Solutions, Inc., a consulting and engineering development firm specializing in electro-optical systems design and analysis, quantum and nonlinear optics, and optical material development. Mr. Branham was also a senior staff member of Recon Optical, Inc., where he contributed to the 572 Sight and M365 Flir modifications, as well as TOW missile projects. The former head of optical support for the Helios Laser Fusion Facility at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Mr. Branham has extensive experience in the experimental physics of inertial confinement fusion and thermonuclear weapons design .

Mr. Branham received his master's degree in physics from Indiana State University.


Course: TRO-386 Duration: 3 Days FEE: $1,399 CEUs: 2.16

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