...a one of a kind presentation of mobile communications in the context of wireless networks and their limitations, including essential details to enable the design of new services...

The explosive growth of cellular and PCS services worldwide and the maturation of the wireless component allow developers and users to focus today on applications, rather than radio technology.

Services designed for the Internet assume that the data rate across the network is very high, and the latency between nodes is low, essentially posing no real limitations. The design of wireless networks sets quite real restrictions on data rates and latency that in turn affect the design of services. Consequently, Applications and Services designed for the Internet need to be redesigned, to accommodate the specific limitations of wireless networks, as well as the platform limitations such as limited battery power, small screens and low speed processors.

This course is a comprehensive overview of the second, third, fourth and fifth generations of cellular technologies with an emphasis on understanding the capabilities and limitations of the wireless technologies/segment when new applications are designed.

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This course presents a comprehensive overview of 2G to 5G cellular systems. The content presented here offers an invaluable insight to all those who work in wireless, and particularly those who develop wireless applications. It concentrates on the system aspects of wireless networks and introduces technical concepts in sufficient detail to leverage new services. The course has been developed specifically for project managers, system engineers, and developers who find it necessary to understand the advantages and limitations of wireless networks as they conceive and develop new applications. Although the course has no prerequisites, and is specifically designed for a wide range of interests, prior technical training in sciences, engineering, or equivalent experience is helpful.

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Joseph E. Wilkes, PhD, is an independent consultant in Wireless Communications and Wireless Security with over 40 years of experience as an innovator and contributor to the cellular industry, with industry leaders such as Bell Laboratories and Telcordia Technologies. His interests encompass Wireless Communications, Wireless Security, Computer Security, Software Defined Radios, Signal Processing in Matlab/C, Reverse Engineering of Communications Protocols, Vulnerability Research on Communications Protocols and Vulnerability Research on Smart Phones. He has co-authored three books on Wireless and holds four patents. Dr. Wilkes received his PhD from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn (now the Polytechnic Institute of NYU). He is a Fellow of the IEEE.


Course: TRO-350 Duration: 3 Days FEE: $1,499 CEUs: 2.16

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