...a broad, comprehensive presentation of Modern Electronic Warfare Technologies...

In today's combat environment, the effectiveness of a weapon system is predicated on the ability to deceive and negate enemy radar and communications, while resisting jamming from increasingly numerous, powerful and sophisticated emitters.

This introductory course in Electronic Warfare (EW), presented by an internationally recognized EW and RADAR expert, emphasizes a fundamental understanding of EW principles by examining the vulnerability of modern radar and C3 systems in the context of intentional exploitation of such vulnerabilities by Electronic Support (ES) and Electronic Attack (EA) systems.

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This course is designed for EW Officers, Engineers, Systems Designers, Analysts, and Users who work with Electronic Warfare, Radar, and Command Control and Communications Systems. A working knowledge of radar, communications, EW receivers, or ES systems is helpful; however, sufficient background is developed during the course so that advanced detailed knowledge of these areas is not required. This course may be taken in conjunction with our Advanced EW Course #ROO-581. These two courses are offered contiguously and can be taken either individually or as a five-day long program at a significant cost savings.

Course Outline:

Text: Electronic Warfare in the Information Age, by D.C. Schleher.

About the Instructor

Alan Steinberg is recognized internationally as one of the leading experts in information exploitation and sensor fusion, with over 35 years of experience as a designer, developer and operational user of major electronic combat and intelligence systems. An independent consultant, he was most recently Principal Research Scientist at the Georgia Tech Research Institute. Previously he held senior engineering positions with Lockheed, Litton, TASC, USU/SDL, ERIM and CUBRC, with operational experience as an EW operator/analyst for US Army Security Agency in overseas deployment. He played a major role in the design and development of the family of radars for the Missile Defense Agency. As a member of the JDL Data Fusion Group, he revised the well-known JDL Data Fusion Model. He received the prestigious Mignona Award for outstanding achievement in data fusion. He has served on blue-ribbon panels for the US Government to evaluate and recommend technology developments and the restructuring of the Intelligence Enterprise. He teaches numerous short courses on EW, Radar Data Fusion and Target Recognition.

Course: ROO-580        Duration: 3 Days        FEE: $1,499        CEUs: 2.16

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