... comprehensive presentation of the state-of-the-art and the evolution of the sensor/data/information fusion technology and it’s applications in support of DoD missions...

Accurate, efficient and timely management of information is vital for successful decision-making in military operations, national security and, indeed, in all aspects of life. The process of automatically filtering, aggregating and extracting the desired information from multiple sensors and other information sources, and integrating and interpreting data is a rapidly advancing technology, commonly referred to as sensor, data, or information fusion. The power to exploit all relevant information rapidly and effectively is at the core of the Net-Centric Operations (NCO) paradigm and is essential to exploiting “Big Data”.

This course explores the state-of the art in multi-sensor integration, target tracking, identification and situation/threat assessment; familiarizes the participants with the principal components and methods of sensor/data/information fusion systems; and reviews the selection and fusion techniques appropriate to system and mission.

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Many current and newly proposed DoD programs that focus on discerning better intelligence and tactical data, employ a wide array of advanced sensors and elaborate data fusion techniques. This course presents the capabilities and limitations of this technology, the underlying concepts, the technology and selected applications, thus rendering it invaluable for System Architects, Systems Engineers / Software Developers, Scientists, Managers, Sensors Designers, Military and Intelligence Officers, Operations Personnel, and other users of multi-sensor data fusion for target detection, classification, identification, and tracking.

There are no specific prerequisites for this course, although a general background in electrical engineering, college level mathematics /statistics are recommended for a better understanding of the concepts presented.

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About the Instructor

Alan Steinberg is recognized internationally as one of the leading experts in information exploitation and sensor fusion, with over 35 years of experience as a designer, developer and operational user of major electronic combat and intelligence systems. An independent consultant, he was most recently Principal Research Scientist at the Georgia Tech Research Institute. Previously he held senior engineering positions with Lockheed, Litton, TASC, USU/SDL, ERIM and CUBRC, with operational experience as an EW operator/analyst for US Army Security Agency in overseas deployment. He played a major role in the design and development of the family of radars for the Missile Defense Agency. As a member of the JDL Data Fusion Group, he revised the well-known JDL Data Fusion Model. He received the prestigious Mignona Award for outstanding achievement in data fusion. He has served on blue-ribbon panels for the US Government to evaluate and recommend technology developments and the restructuring of the Intelligence Enterprise. He teaches numerous short courses on EW, Radar Data Fusion and Target Recognition.


Course: ROO-404        Duration: 3 Days        FEE: $1,499        CEUs: 2.16

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