...a concise introduction to modern radar operating principles, systems, applications and the underlying technologies...

This introductory radar course provides sound operational and engineering foundations of radar principles and technologies. The brief radar history presented here, along with physical phenomena and system applications, lay solid grounds for future pursuits in the radar field.

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This course introduces the principles of radar systems, as well as their missions and objectives, rendering it an invaluable resource for executives, program managers, system analysts, engineers, simulation programmers and others who manage, design or operate radar based systems. Although this course has no prerequisites, college level math will be helpful.

Course Outline:


Introduction to Airborne Radar, 3rd edition, by G.W. Stimson, published by SciTech, 1998
Radar Essentials: A Concise Handbook for Radar Design and Performance Analysis, by G. Richard Curry, published by SciTech, 2012

About the Instructor

G. Richard Curry is a consultant in radar system applications with extensive experience in radar system analysis and simulation, radar design and testing, military R&D planning and technology assessment, and research management. He led analysis of radar system applications in military systems at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), and at General Research Corporation (GRC). Prior to that, he analyzed and designed surveillance and tracking radars for the Raytheon Company, performed radar engineering for ballistic missile range testing at Kwajalein, and developed radar signal processing techniques at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. He served in the U. S. Navy as an Electronics Officer. Mr. Curry received B. S. degrees in electrical engineering and mathematics from the University of Michigan, and an M. S. degree in electrical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is a member of the Radar System Panel of the IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society, and author of the books:Radar System Performance Modeling, Pocket Radar Guide, and Radar Essentials. Additional information is available at:


Course: ROO-403 Duration: 3 Days FEE: $1,499 CEUs: 2.16

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