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For years now, sound reliability engineering practices have been enforced rigorously by the defense and space industries. Today, however, the correlation between product reliability and product sales in the commercial and consumer markets becomes evident as well. It can rarely be more obvious than in the recent tales of the automotive industry. ‘Product reliability sells..’ is the loud and clear message companies hear and brace for today, yet what “reliable” infers is often open to interpretation.

This class provides managers, product designers and all project team members with concepts, definitions, methodologies and a “top level” understanding of the indispensable interactions among design, manufacturing, and reliability. The class combines lecture with team and individual learning exercises that bring a true working knowledge of the concepts presented, and enables better understanding of the reliability specifications, required calculations, and ability to critically evaluate reliability reports.

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Much too often, it is assumed that reliable products are the sole responsibility of reliability engineers. Actually, for reliability to be successfully built in to a product, it must be the collective responsibility of every individual involved in product development and manufacturing. This task is better accomplished when reliability objectives are well understood and defined, rather than open to interpretation.

This class firmly establishes reliability criteria and provides the necessary know-how for designers, managers, program managers, system analysts, engineers and technicians, users and product manufacturers. There are no prerequisites for this course; however, some background in engineering or sciences will be helpful.

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Text: Practical Reliability Engineering, by Patrick D.T. O'Connor, 2002
In addition, participants will be provided with freeware developed by the course instructor.

About the Instructor

Dr. Andrew Kostic is a recognized authority in product reliability, quality, and failure analysis. Andrew has been involved with all phases of the product life cycle in computer, aerospace, and medical industries. His classes have been taught around the world and are highly valued for their effectiveness and practicality. He has held senior technical positions at Unisys and IBM, and is currently a Fellow Engineer at the Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems Division Product Integrity Department.


Course: MRO-231 Duration: 2 Days FEE: $1,299 CEUs: 1.44

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